Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bill Cunningham, New York Times

Bill Cunningham from the New York Times has been around for ages and is such an icon in NYC for many reasons, including his weekly 'On The Street' articles, which captures the most stylish women of the week. A recent document that's a must-see, "Bill Cunningham New York" follows Bill as he pedals through the streets of New York City capturing glamorous garments and trends of the most recognizable rich and famous as well as nameless individuals. Throughout the film, Bill carries himself with an infectious smile, endearing attitude and establishes relationships with several of the most important and wealthiest women in NYC, whom trust Bill with his impeccable eye for photography, art and fashion. At the beginning of the film, Anna Wintour said it best, "We all get dressed for Bill." 

This week's 'On The Street

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